Emperador Gold

A Taste of something Truly Magical

​After years of perfecting the art of excellence you leave your competition far behind in the dust as they battle for second place. We looked to our only worthy opponent, ourselves, and challenged them to be better than the best. Well, here we have it. Remember, just because someone says you’re the best, doesn’t mean you can’t be better. We valiantly toast to our success, to our dedication, and to our gold.


A golden revelation of a well distilled brandy, with amazing smoothness, slight sweet aromas and a bottle meant to wow, Emperador Gold ticks all the boxes of a great brandy that lets you tap into your inner royalty. So indulge and rise to the Emperador Royal Challenge. 

Aroma: Bouquet of dried fruits and raisin
Color: Golden Amber
Body: Complex in the mouth
Finish: Oak wood and Almond


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